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Root Canal

  • Root Canal Therapy -  When bacteria reaches the center part of the tooth, it can cause an infection in the blood vessels and the nerve of the tooth, which will eventually cause the tooth to die.  This can be a very painful process that often involves pain both day and night.  If the bacteria spreads from inside the tooth to the jaw bone, then swelling of the face can occur.  In this situation, the only way to get rid of the infection is to have Root Canal Therapy OR Extract the tooth.

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  • Root Canal Therapy is performed by removing the decay from the tooth, then removing the bacteria from the inside of the tooth (root canal).  A filling is then placed inside the tooth to prevent future infection of the tooth.  All back teeth, and many front teeth will need a crown after a root canal procedure.  This will protect the inside of the tooth from getting infected again, and support the structure of the tooth for long term use.

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  • A tooth with a root canal still functions like a tooth, but is no longer sensitive to hot or cold. This tooth can last for many years if well taken care of. Dr Dickson is experienced in Root Canal Therapy and most treatments can be completed in office.

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