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Dental Bridge

  • ​A dental bridge is a permanent (fixed) set of crowns that “bridge the gap” between the teeth.  This is often needed due to one or more missing teeth.  The supporting teeth need to be in healthy condition (not mobile) to support the force of chewing

  • Benefits of a bridge - quick restoration of smile. Maintain the ability to chew and speak properly. Prevent adjacent teeth from moving out of their natural position.  Great for those areas where an implant is not possible.

  • Requirements - you need a healthy tooth on either side of the gap.  The shorter the span of the bridge (1-2 missing teeth) the more stable the bridge will be.

  • Care - Proper care of any dental restoration is critical for its long term stability.  This is especially important with a bridge.  Proper care includes flossing under the bridge to keep the supporting teeth free of decay.

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